Where to Buy PowerPC Mac's


I've just realised I've made this whole site, and not once mentioned how to get a PowerPC Mac. PRETTY SILLY OF ME, but here you go in no particular order.

In all cases make sure you know what the person is selling you because the seller usually doesn't know what it really is that they are selling, try to get models numbers and then find the exact model on www.EveryMac.com  
to make sure that you are getting what you're paying for. 

Ebay is your best option if your looking for a top of the line PPC Mac since there are so many for sell and can be shipped everywhere it's really up to you. 

Craigslist  > For Sale > Computers 

This option is usually a lot cheaper since you pick up the computer locally, but you get a vary narrow selection, if any at all of what type of PPC Mac you can get.

Those are your best bets for actually finding, and buying a PowerPC Mac as far as specs go the more "Mhz" the better, try to get one with at least 1gb of ram. And you might have to reinstall the os / install a updated version so here's links to which ever one you would prefer all though I don't recommend going any lower than tiger, unless your on a 500mhz or less G3

Oldest to Newest

Only download from the torrent if you have previously purchased he software.

Mac OS 9.2.2

Mac OS X  10.3 Panther

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Free Podcast Receiver


Juice is a multi-platform free podcast receiver, which usually works for listing to live feeds hosted on something that can't be ran on PowerPC Macs

iPodDisk - Music Recovery


Download [ Here ]

iPodDisk lets you view all files stored on your ipod with out iTunes. Which lets you use it how ever you want to.

Mac Hard Drive Failure Predictor


With PowerPC Mac's being very old no matter if you just got yours or if you have had it for a long time, odds are the Hard drive in it is very old, which means it might die. SmartReporter lets you know the health of your hard drive and can even predict when and if it will fail. You can even set this up on something like a server and if the hard drive is close to failing / any thing else is wrong with it you can be notified via email about it. A very smart program. 

Quake 1 for Mac! - PowerPC


Quake is one of the original FPS's that brought them to what they are today, introducing great mouse support and physics, matched with ridiculously challenging gameplay. It's a must play for any FPS fan.

Quake 1 Gameplay


Sega Genesis Emulator - Mac


Replay all your favorite Sega Genesis games on your Mac!

Bitcoin Mining on PowerPC Mac


Since there is not reliable wallet client that works with PowerPC Mac's I reccomend : 

Which is a online wallet which is very reliable , and can easily be backed up vi download,dropbox,google drive, email, and even paper. 

Snes Emulator - PPC Mac


Replay all your favorite Snes games on your Mac!

Mame Emulator - Mac


Replay all your favorite Mame games on your Mac!

Nes Emulator - PPC Mac


Replay your favorite Nes games on your Mac!

GBA Emulator - PPC Mac


Re-Play all your favorite Gameboy Advance games on your Mac!



Monolingual will go through all your installed programs and delete selected language files that you don't use / want, which can free up a lot of space ^_^ 

Mac Winrar - Alternative


Download [ Here ]

Unarchive .zip, .rar , etc

xPad - TextEdit Alternative


xPad is a more organized text edit. Free and compatible with Mac OSX 10.3 and up (Tiger & Up) 

Temperature Monitor


This one needs no explanation. It monitors your Mac's Temperature on different parts. 

ATIccelerator II - Mac Graphics Overclocking Tool


I feel silly for not finding this earlier but since I know about it now I have to share it with everyone else. Pretty much every PowerPC Mac runs off an ATI Graphics card. The graphics card help process things on screen. And are really needed for things such as Video playback, Games, etc.

 Right now your Graphics card is set at it's stock Core Clock ( Speed ) and Memory ( Amount of Video memory - like ram but for video). And with PowerPC Macs growing older and older you obviously might not be getting good performance.  So what ATIccelerator II lets you do is Overclock or Speed up your Graphics card to run better.

So download it it [ Link on top of the page ] and it installs via package, not drag and drop into applications, once it installs restart your mac, if it doesn't do so automatically. Then when you boot back up open > System Preferences > ATIccelerator. Which is the only place ATIccelerator will be located. 

Here's what the software looks like: 

As you can see it lets you easily adjust the Speed and Memory. No when doing this you will see that it shows how much percentage you are upping your card. Never go above 50% unless you know your card can handle it. If you go to high you can break your video card. Which on a laptop will pretty much render everything else useless. 

Slowly go up percentage till you find one that doesn't make everything super hot, and were you can see a noticeable increase in performance. 

Hope this helps all of you ^_^ 

I also recommend you check out everything available on Thomas's Site such as: 

You can also donate on his site which I urge you to do. 

Grooveshark HTML5


As I said HTML5 is opening many doors for PowerPC. Grooveshark is a free online, without any download.

Collective Statement



It's only been about 3 mouths since I started this blog, with the goal to present common programs and fixes that people using PowerPC Mac's can easily find what ever there looking for. As the description says my goal was to " Save people time searching for everything PowerPC" 

I've now hit a point were I have pretty much found everything I can find relating to PowerPC Mac's.I am only 1 type of person. Computers are for every type of person. I know there is much more out there, which is why I'm now asking for user submissions. I know every person has at least one thing that they do that they think nobody else does on their Mac. Well now you have a place to share it. 

There are no requirements , your submission can be 1 sentence. As long as it is helpful, and not a repost. You will also be credited for your post.

Thank you all for taking the time to be involved, and I hope you saved time from this site ^_^ 

Fix Mac Internet not working [ Time Fix ]

Sometimes when you do something such as Rest a Mac's PMU ( Or press the power button while it is off and no battery is plugged in) When you turn your mac back on it might not be able to load any website, even if you are connected wirelessly or via ethernet. It might just never load, or it might give you a message saying that every site you visit is dangerous. This is most likely because your Mac's Time is messed up. HERES HOW TO FIX IT :^)

Even though it says the right time you might still have to change it. 

As you can see obviously your not living in 1969 but your Mac might be, this for some reason cause the mac to not be able to think right when it comes to using the internet. So go ahead and change that to the right date and time. 

When it's all fixed make sure to click save. Then try loading a webpage, if it still doesn't load restart your Mac then it will ^_^. 

Best G3 PowerPC Web Browser


For G4 & G5 mac's I recommended for you to run Webkit since it is the fastest web browser I found, but since it doesn't work with G3 Macs I had to do some searching for a web browser that still could be speedy. And I came up with Camino. I really recommend if your on a G3 Mac that you try to install webkit and see if it works, if it does you should probably use it instead of camino / the plug-ins. 

Camino is speedy and in my experience runs flash fine. But you can disable Flash, Java and Ads from within the browsers preferences.

Classic Macintosh Emulator - Mini vMac


The Mini vMac emulator collection allows modern computers to run software made for early Macintosh computers, the computers that Apple sold from 1984 to 1996 based upon Motorola's 680x0 microprocessors.

Get back to the Past.

How to Get Started 

eMac Overclock 800Mhz to 1.33Ghz


The eMac can be easily overclocked from 800Mhz to 1.33Ghz.

Also Video Tutorial :

[ Here ]

MDD - PowerMac Quieting


Text Wrangler - Free HTML Editor - Mac


Text Wrangler is a free tool used to code primarily HTML. It is a basic version of "BBEdit" so you do have to know what you are doing. But non the less is still a great free Dreamweaver Alternative.