Mission Statement

Hello! My name is Sawyer, in 2013 I happened to be in a situation in which a Powerbook G4 was my only computer, and like most people I live off my Computer so I'm not one to just not do things because there isn't an easy solution for it, and I found out that the PowerPC Architecture was anything but compatibility with newer software, so I had to find other solutions for them. 

So, I figured at least 1 other person would be in this situation or possible just have a PowerPC Mac lying around and wanted to see what was possible on it, regardless of there reason what I wanted to provide was:

  • A Site that loaded quickly on G3+ PowerPC Macs while also looking nice
  • Easy to find PowerPC Alternative Applications
  • A nice looking and quick to the point post
For whatever your lifestyle / computer uses are I hope you find some usefulness in this site, and hope it enables you to get more out of your PowerPC Mac!

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  1. Your site is awesome! Thanks so much for making it!