Linux on PowerPC Revisited

PenguinPPC ]

In a [previous post] I stated my thoughts on using Linux on a PowerPC Mac. At that time my Powerbook was my only computer, since then I have got a new machine. At the time of writing the first post I was looking at it from a consumer stand point in which case Linux is a bad option since it is very buggy and you don't get specialized apps you would of have other wise on Mac OSX.

So with having a new computer and pretty much not using my old Powerbook anymore it made me look at it from the tinker standpoint which is a big potion of Linux users. Knowing the PowerPC is very good at internal task and the Powerbook requiring pretty much no power opens a lot of doors of possibility for things I could do with my old Powerbook. With built in wireless and a screen it could be a home router or even a small web server, if you could get say 100 old iBooks and cluster them together you would have a pretty efficient server. These kind of things are driven by Linux and is were Linux thrives. Most Linux users aren't fighting for the consumer acceptance they are simply working on their latest project. 

I left a couple links at the top of the page for any of you interested to start tinkering with your PPC Mac.