Minecraft on PowerPC Mac

See what I did there

Load it up, see how it runs. I would only recommend trying to play Minecraft on High end G4's and G5. Also here's some helpful links. Also also have at least 1GB of ram. ALSO ALSO ALSO kick the settings down.

You might see some better performance as well if you host a Minecraft server on another computer than connect to it, since Minecraft single player is actually just a sever hosted on the computer you are playing on. 


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  2. It's a shame but Minecraft not longer works on PPC anymore. Not only do newer builds beyond 1.5.2 require Java 6, but also Mojang (Microsoft) discontinued support for older launchers so they can't even connect to their servers to login. Now the only way to play it is if you manage to find a cracked launcher that supports Java 5.

    1. there is a way still, i have a youtube video on how 92greenz34

  3. That's just poor. My iBook G4 (1.06GHz, 768MB RAM) should have it!

  4. someone link me a download for 1.5.2 for powerpc i had it before but i didnt save it

  5. Yeah the lanucher says it can't find minecraft.net so it isn't worth downloading this. I suggest trying to find a cracked version to play but that is your choice. Would of loved playing Minecraft on my iBook G4.