Best PowerPC Web Browser v2 (Make your PPC Mac useable again!)


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SO I thought Camino was "The Best" Browser for PowerPC Macs not to long ago. Because it was the fastest I had used until then, in the post I said something like "Make sure you try every browser before settling with one" taking my own advice, I did and next on my list was Webkit, at first glance it looks like safari which is known for its speed, but not the default version for PowerPC Macs, at least in my experience. 

     SO I thought it would be pretty shitty. BUT to my suprise after being fed up with camino for the day, I decided to try Webkit. And basically, it blew me away. It's Fast. It reminds me of old Internet Explorer, when it was good. It might take slightly longer to load a page the first time it loads it, BUT the more you go to a page the faster it loads. 
ALSO when I installed I clicked the script to install advanced features, so if you have bad initial performance I would suggest that.

Download ClickToFlash Extension
ClickToFlash is a MUST for WebKit. See Below

Blocks ads (not as much as adblocker) but ad blocker really bogs down performance.

Enable Html5 on Youtube

NOW Restart WebKit

Once opened back up, check out youtube it should look like this:

And the playback should be pretttty kick ass. It usually lags for the first 3 seconds, after that its fine. You also don't have to sit through an ad before watching a video. AND as you can see you have the option to switch from 360p to 720p and 1080p, you can also go back to flash player if that runs better for you, and if your on a really old fart you can click to play in quick time player. If the HTML5 Player doesn't play audio, just restart Webkit.

Watching Youtube videos in this format may take away ad-revenue from the content creator so keep that in mind. 

BUT if your on that old of a mac I would suggest Youview or Mactubes as your Youtube viewer.

THAT is pretty much it, I love WebKit so far ^_^ hope this helps you fellow PowerPC users, please share this with others to get the word out. This browser really makes my Mac worth it again. Also the icon's sexy.

WITH all this being said, remember "Make sure you try every browser before settling with one" I'm running off a Powerbook G4. Which maybe this browser was coded better for. Don't be lazy.

-Peace out Girl scout


  1. Also, try TenFourFox and do a comparison.

    1. Everyone should try TenFourFox, Camino, WebKit, Aurorafox, Opera, and default browsers: Safari, Firefox then determine which one works best for you.

    2. When I try to open webkit my computer (powerbook g4 tiger 10.4.11) does not let me open it saying it's not compatible?

    3. I'm obviously seven months too late in responding to this, but for anyone else who runs into a similar problem:
      1. Run Software Update as needed to install all the Apple updates for Tiger. You will need Safari 4.1.3 for Tiger webkit to work.
      2. Make sure you download the appropriate webkit for Tiger (TenFourKit). Sawyer has a link to it listed below.

  2. Leopard webkit has also become my default browser, along with ClicktoPlugin and ClicktoFlash, it blocks Flash but also presents itself as flash, thereby tricking many (but not all) websites into offering you the video underneath the flash "wrapper".

    Tenfourfox 17.03 is pretty damn good too, though plugins are disabled completely on 18, 19 and anything above. That includes Quicktime. On a fast PowerMac that doesn't matter much, on my ibook, it matters alot. So I stick with Leopardwebkit.

    Try out eMaps sometime too. Its like Mactubes for Google maps.

  3. you forgot SeaMonkey 2.16 for the PPC

    and it has the latest security features as in the the non ppc mozilla version

    runs on G4 and G5s as well

  4. For Tiger try this:

  5. Seamonkey is fantastic! thanks!!

  6. Has anyone updated to the latest stable webkit 537.69? Does it work too? Better?

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  8. Seamonkey is fantastic! thanks!!


  9. safari also awesome.thanks.

    more details: safari for windows

  10. We are the few, the hardcore PowerPC users. Still use my Powerbook for general stuff and my G5 iMac for work everyday!

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