Quake 3 on PowerPc Mac


CD-Key: B2WAALC2HP7DH72L (From Macintosh Garden)

Personally I think every computer old new should have Quake 3, and Counter Strike 1.6 installed. It took me long enough to find this so it make glad to share this with anyone else looking for it.

Tips for if it runs bad:

  • You could try downloading Mods Ex ioquake ( google is your friend)
  • Close all applications before running. Ram is very important.
  • Lower settings:  I would recommend high resolution and low graphics vs High graphics on lower resolution
  • Many more tips if you still have problems HERE
  • Disable Vsync

Helpful commands
To open console to type commands press ` (left of the 1 key)

/cg_drawfps 0 = Off 1 = *On ex: cg_drawfps 1

/cg_fov *Changes Field of View Ex Cg_fov 130

/set com_maxfps 0 *Takes cap off FPS

If you don't know what Quake 3 is , it is a very competitive FPS ( First Person Shooter) which instead of instantly dying when shot, the player has to get Weapons, and items around the map to help improve their chances of winning. Heres some screenshots :D

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  1. ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake3/mac/MacQuake3Demo.bin