Linux on PowerPC Revisited

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In a [previous post] I stated my thoughts on using Linux on a PowerPC Mac. At that time my Powerbook was my only computer, since then I have got a new machine. At the time of writing the first post I was looking at it from a consumer stand point in which case Linux is a bad option since it is very buggy and you don't get specialized apps you would of have other wise on Mac OSX.

So with having a new computer and pretty much not using my old Powerbook anymore it made me look at it from the tinker standpoint which is a big potion of Linux users. Knowing the PowerPC is very good at internal task and the Powerbook requiring pretty much no power opens a lot of doors of possibility for things I could do with my old Powerbook. With built in wireless and a screen it could be a home router or even a small web server, if you could get say 100 old iBooks and cluster them together you would have a pretty efficient server. These kind of things are driven by Linux and is were Linux thrives. Most Linux users aren't fighting for the consumer acceptance they are simply working on their latest project. 

I left a couple links at the top of the page for any of you interested to start tinkering with your PPC Mac.

Twitter and PowerPC Mac's 2013


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iBook G4 Overclock!!


Gotta overclock them all!

Get Music on your iPod without iTunes! - Rockbox

(OS X 10.4 Tiger minimum ) 

With iTunes evolving with time it becomes less and less compatible with PowerPC Macs, which arises a problem of being able to sync anything to your ipod. Instead of struggling with compatibility problems I recommend switching to Rockbox.

What Rockbox does is basically installs a new Operating system on your ipod , from there to sync anything you just drag and drop items into the folders on the device, no need for iTunes. For new users thought it might be a bit tricky to install so here are the necessary steps to take. 

Download Rockbox via the link above, then extract it and run "RockboxUtility" 

When first opened it should open to the Configuration window, from there click "auto detect" and it should find the right version of ipod you are using, if it doesn't than google is your friend. Choose the stable release to install, from there you have the option to install other things such as extra themes, games , etc.

Also inside the app you can uninstall Rockbox so if you don't like it you are not stuck with it and can go back to the default ipod os at any time.

Once you have that all set up click "Install" and obviously don't unplug your ipod while it is installing. Also if you have anything on your ipod that you really don't want to lose BACK IT UP before installing. 

Once it is done installing, eject your ipod and unplug it from your computer and wait for it to restart. You will now see the Rockbox OS , which is pretty similar to the default ipod OS , make sure you click on "database" and let it create all the files necessary it should take a while, I mean a long while. then have a few clicks are around and get a feel for it. Then plug it back into your computer.


If it does not already exsist create a folder on your ipod called "Music" . The name doesn't matter. Now simply drag / copy and paste, all your music into that folder. AND you're done! You can also make extra folders for things such as Photos, Notes ,etc.

To access music on your ipod simply click on "Files" > Music then click a song and it should start playing.

Overclock iMac G3 Bus


MacXtreme , if it can be overclocked, he's gonna do it.