Collective Statement



It's only been about 3 mouths since I started this blog, with the goal to present common programs and fixes that people using PowerPC Mac's can easily find what ever there looking for. As the description says my goal was to " Save people time searching for everything PowerPC" 

I've now hit a point were I have pretty much found everything I can find relating to PowerPC Mac's.I am only 1 type of person. Computers are for every type of person. I know there is much more out there, which is why I'm now asking for user submissions. I know every person has at least one thing that they do that they think nobody else does on their Mac. Well now you have a place to share it. 

There are no requirements , your submission can be 1 sentence. As long as it is helpful, and not a repost. You will also be credited for your post.

Thank you all for taking the time to be involved, and I hope you saved time from this site ^_^ 

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