PowerPC making a comeback? Html5


SO the thing done most on computers now is Web Browsing. 
And with PowerPC this can be somewhat hard.

PowerPC can't handle Flash and Heavy Java very well, and until now flash has been on almost every website, in things such as ads, games, videos, etc.

Here's were things get good for PowerPC though ^_^

Flash is on its way out and Html5 is on its way in! What's Html5? All webpages are coded in html which is a very simple coding langauge. With Html being so basic it used to not be able to accomplish the things that flash could. BUT now Html5 can do basicly everything flash can do, using much less resources and is better in about every way.

SO why is this good for PowerPC? WELP Flash is coded very poorly for PowerPC and runs like poop, and many flash objects being replaced with Html5 things will run better on PowerPC with out any tweaking. 

Not to say this will make your PowerPC Mac thebomb.com  BUT it will make some things that might have previously not work, Work.

Audacity for PowerPC Mac


Audacity is a free cross platform Audio editing program which is widely known for its ease of use for simple things and practicality with bigger projects. If you haven't already I would give it a try. 

If you download it and it does not work on your PowerPC Mac, go to the first Download link and choose
or Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.3 (PPC): Audacity (.dmg file)

Coding Programs for PowerPC


This was the simplest one for me, even though I don't know anything about coding. I did the "Hello World" script in Java and it worked SO purrrrrrrty good, I guess you decide. It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The version that I have installed on Leopard is CS3 BUT you can go up to CS4 which is the last supported version of Dreamweaver for PPC.

What CAN PowerPC Mac's Do?


SO after posting about what PPC Mac's can't do it's only right to show what they can do.

Light Web Surfing

If you have youself a higher end iBook , it's nice to have a smaller laptop to surf the web rather than a mobile device. 

Great Secondary Computers 

You really REALLY shouldn't use a PPC Mac as your Primary computer as many things just DON'T work with them. But they are very useful as a secondary computer.


As a light server, or maybe a big one with say many PPC Mac's linked togeather I don't know much about servers BUT I know many PPC Mac's are used as them SO they can't be that bad :p

Dead Storage / Jukebox

If you want a place to store you more scared files thennnnn there's that option, also many people have just converted their machine to a simplistic and high storage Jukebox, which has become the new life of many iMac G3 (CRT)'s with their great speakers


Big statement there I know someones going to get upset about. BUT for the games made for PPC Mac's and even Emulators all run great on them.

Getting Full Performance out of your PPC Mac

Put the Power setting on : Better Performance

This will make it so your Mac will speed up fans before slowing down the processor, and this shouldn't cause a huge increase in fan noise. If it does I would recommend downloading a fan controller like this: 

Linux on PPC Mac?


There is much debate about whether or not to use Linux on a PowerPC Mac. Linux is known for working very well on the worst of machines. SO can the same be said for PPC Mac's? This is a very tricky question though. It matters what you use your computer for. 

In short though I wouldn't bother with it. 

Why I don't prefer it. 

Linux for personal use has never been the best option BUT it really REALLY kicks ass at doing 1 purpose things, such as making a comptuer an Arcade Machine, or Server.


BUT I don't know much about it BUTTT I would think that Running a version of Linux for a Server of some kinda, and you were an advanced user. Than you could get some use out of it. 

I would also reccomend putting Linux on a PPC Mac if your going to have it do 1 specific thing instesd of being a Personal Computer

Mac Repair Tools

If your buying a PPC Mac there's a good chance your going to have to fix it / clean it out with them being so old. AND with Apple being the way they are you will most likely need some special tools for dem silly screws SO here's some options I found that are pretty cheap and get the job done. 

Silverhill 20 Piece Tool Kit for Apple Products  14$

For things like Mac Mini's you might need a thing object to lift up the case, you can buy things that do the job from ifixit BUT it's a lot cheaper to buy a guitar pick that works just as well, AND is also a fine tool for playing a guitar k thx bai 

The first option also comes with a suction cup BUT here's an alternative :

Running Mac OSX PPC in Windows!


SO as you can see, PearPC is a Windows program that emulates the PowerPC, and lets you run PowerPC Mac OSX in it. Not much more to be said , if you really REALLY have to use dem PPC Programs on your Windows computer Go for it.

iLife PowerPC Compatible

SO to save you some times here's the iLife's that work with PowerPC

< Last PPC Supported Version > iLife 09 - G5 & G4 Compatible (NOT G3) but you can try 

The Lower in versions you go the more compatible it will be. Then newer though the more likely something won't work. 

If your running off Tiger the highest version I would reccommend is iLife 06 For full features.

< Download iLife 09 >

< Download iLife 06 >

How to Disable Dashboard & Spotlight


With usually a 1GB ram limit you need all you can get, so if you can get some back from features you don't use, then WHY NOT. SO were going to be killing Dashboard ( Which is what displays widgets ). And Spotlight (Search)

To disable Dashboard Open > Application > Utilities > Terminal

And type:

> defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES


>  Killall Dock

>  defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean NO

> Killall Dock

You might have to restart to see effect


Open Applicaton > Utilitities > Terminal


> sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist

Once you disable both and restart you should see some effects ^_^

Mac Ram vs Normal Ram


For some reason or another (money) Apple makes it so that all their computers don't accept normal types of ram. This could be for compatibility reason, or for standard performance, most mostly for money.

SO with this in mind be careful when buying ram for your Mac. And beware of listings for Mac ram by users instead of companies, users can get their information wrong, and in that case, waste your money.

I would recommend

were you can find the right type of ram for your exact model

How to Burn a Disc on a Mac


  1. Insert a blank disc.
  2. Start Disk Utility.
  3. From the File menu, choose Open Disk Image and select the ISO to be burned.
  4. In the list of volumes, you will now see an item representing the ISO file. Select it.
  5. Click the Burn button and follow the instructions.

If your burning something over 4.7GB You will probably use a Dual Layer Disc, which requires a Superdrive to burn. 

What can PowerPC NOT Do?


Most people thinking about buying PowerPC Macs know that they are not going to be perfect at everything. But they usually don't know exactly what there not great at. SO having used a PPC Mac for a while now heres some things that they suck at, that if you need in a computer I would reccommend trying to find another option.


There are work arounds somethings like Youtube, but for the most part PowerPC Sucks at doing anything related to Flash, unless your on a Quad G5 your gonna have a bad time.


The little java things it does fine, but for something big, like say runescape or minecraft , your gonna have a bad time.


By this I mean availablity and varity of games. Most Macs play the games that work on them Amazingly. Its just that your not going to find many for them.

New Applications

Newer Apps probably won't work. That thing that your really need? Doubt it. BUT there are useually older versions of the app you need that do work with PPC though you might lose some features. If you really really REALLY need "Insert App Name Here" Make sure it is compatiable with PowerPC

Usb Expansion - PowerPC Mac


USB Expansion

You do have other options though , for a PPC laptop if you have an Express Card slot you can try 


For desktops a Pci slot options:

^^^ Click the Picture ^^^


Resolution Low or High?


SO a quick explantion of resolution is: how many pixels are displayed on your screen. What this means is the quality of picture on your screen. 

The High the resolution the better the picture looks. The Lower the worse it looks. BUT the Higher the resolution the more power it takes to run it. The Lower the resolution the less power it takes to run.

SO being on your PowerPC and you have already done optimizations [1] [2] [3] and things are still going slow, it can't hurt to tune down your resolution.

To change your resolution:

System Preferences > Display

Then you will see your resolutions options a box in the bottom left corner.

Mac's have never had a killer graphics card/chip the lowest resolution you should go to 800x600, unless your running off something less than a PPC G3.  You should try all your resolutions options though. 

Resolution will also be defined by your Monitor. For PPC Laptops this isn't a big issue, but for desktops if you connect a really New full HD display to a super old Mac, running a say 1920x1080 will kick your performance in the balls.