Linux on PPC Mac?


There is much debate about whether or not to use Linux on a PowerPC Mac. Linux is known for working very well on the worst of machines. SO can the same be said for PPC Mac's? This is a very tricky question though. It matters what you use your computer for. 

In short though I wouldn't bother with it. 

Why I don't prefer it. 

Linux for personal use has never been the best option BUT it really REALLY kicks ass at doing 1 purpose things, such as making a comptuer an Arcade Machine, or Server.


BUT I don't know much about it BUTTT I would think that Running a version of Linux for a Server of some kinda, and you were an advanced user. Than you could get some use out of it. 

I would also reccomend putting Linux on a PPC Mac if your going to have it do 1 specific thing instesd of being a Personal Computer


  1. If you want to use Linux for a file server, media center, etc. you really should understand how it works and be comfortable using a desktop distro first. A lot of versions will work fine for personal use and might even be better.

    Btw great site and tips.

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  3. i really had higher expectations of MintPPC linux when I installed it on my PowerBook G4 12'. It installed perfectly fine and booted up just fine, but the trackpad was kinda shaky and annoying. I got online just fine, IceWeasle, firefox for linux sorta was pretty slow for the most part, and Midori worked okay but stopped every once in a while. It's probably better for old PowerPCs like the G3's and what not, but I think OS X is working better on it.

  4. I had very good results, overall, from MintPPC 11 on a couple of G3 imacs. I go into detail in the comments section below another post ...

    Yeah, Nick, I'm not surprised to hear that you had issues with the Midori browser crashing. I like its interface but have never had it run stable. Not even under x86 Linux distros.

  5. p.s.— For folks who might be wondering, 'Ice Weasel' is simply Mozilla Firefox with the Mozilla branding removed. The same exact opensource source code, but without the proprietary Firefox logos. Some folks in the Debian community (on which MintPPC is based) like to split hairs about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) distinctions.

    Kinda' like open source 'chromium' vs. Google Chrome .

  6. "NASA decided to switch the International Space Station laptops running Windows XP to Debian 6."

    Just a server OS? Bullshit. Linux is outta' this world! : }