Youtube Options for PowerPC Macs


You know the struggle, here's some solutions:

So now that Youview and MacTubes no longer work, and Video bit rate / quality always rising,it is a lot harder to run Youtube on a PPC Mac.

Here are the only 2 solutions I know at the time - 8/3/2016

If you are running on a iBook / Powerbook make sure you are plugged in and on "High Performance in Power saving options, to see the best results

[ TenFourFox ]

This is the most convenient option since you can simply load the video in your browser, but you have to let it buffer for a good while, and it can be bogged down by the actual browser, and if you are running on anything below G4 and 1GB of Ram it gets really resource intensive.

[ TenFourFoxBox ]

This is the best option for me, it loads youtube isolated from all other things involved with a normal web browser that eats away at your available resources, and focuses all the processing power on just Youtube.

Youtube on Webkit

On Webkit w/ ClicktoFlash you have the options of either loading Youtube in HTML5, Flash, or in Quicktime Player, all options suck big ones in my experience, you should try for yourself to see how it works on your machine, but for me they are just a frame every couple of seconds.


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  2. You have to go to the ClickToFlash settings, then Media Player options. From there, choose QuickTime Player. Now when you "click" to allow the content, it will play in QT. Smooth in my P0werBook G4

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