Adobe Flash for PowerPC

I don't know much about flash on PowerPC since I work without it. BUT here is the last compatible version of it for PPC

Link and info Provided from 

Why Apple Switched from PowerPC to Intel


SO Back in the day PowerPC was pretty kick ass. And Processors were all over the place, so for Apple to put 1 type of processor in all their macs made them have sense of organization. So as time passed Processors got faster and faster, but then they hit the wall. They eventually could only get so fast using 1 "Core" of the Processor Apple did what it could know they need change with the release of the G5 which had the capability to be dual core, but was only on the PowerMac G5 Desktop. 

The PowerPC worked on a different architecture than other big processors ( AMD & Intel) which means people had to code programs differently than they would for PC's which wasted a lot of time, and made it so many programs wouldn't work on the Mac. Software is the soul of a computer and with no compatible content Apple would have failed if they would to stay with PowerPC. 

SO Apple always takes the most reliable option which was, and still is Intel. Intel Processor was well developed and only improved the Macs performance. With Mac's now on Intel it was easier for developers to make software for the Mac. Allowing for more compatibility. Which opens up many doors for people buying Apple products?

Windows on PowerPC Mac

Most people will say you can't run Windows on a PowerPC Mac. And they are right, you can't have a working install of windows on one. But you can run them in a virtual machine. Not through Virtual Box either! BUT I wouldn't recommend using this on a G3 or lower G4 and to have at least 1GB of Ram.

In the Virtual Windows programs won't run perfectly fast, you can try running Games on it and see if the performance is something you can handle. SO here's some options, from best to worst (in my opinion)

Is basically Virtual Box, but works on your PowerPC Mac


This is more of a VMWare Fusion alternative for PPC which doesn't force you to use Windows in a Window but with your current Mac OS

You should give them both a try if you really REALLY need to run Windows programs on your PowerPC Mac. You will also need a Windows Disc / Iso for them to work. I would suggest not going above Windows XP. 

iBook 2 Finger Scrolling - Driver


This is a 3rd Party driver for iBooks and Powerbooks, that enable you to scroll with 2 fingers WHICH is a hell of alot better than using the scroll bar or the up and down arrows. ^_^

How to fix Mac with No Sound


Go to System Preferences > Sound > 
Set Output to Default 
Make sure you don't just have your sound on mute


Your Speakers might just be dead, if so Rest in Peace 

How to make a Mac Cluster!


A great guide

A Cluster is a bunch of computers powers combined into one.

Mac Secrets (App) Setup


Mac Secrets is a must have app that lets you tweak the system settings to get better performance. Once installed you can find it in System Preferences. SO here's somethings that worked for me in improving performance but I urge you to look up more. 

Also disable beam sync

SO once you put in all that you want to change, click "Update Secrets" in the bottom left corner this should take a while to finish, so don't turn off your computer until then , and don't force quit it. Hoped this helped you all as much as it did me ^_^

-Peace out girl scout

SSD for PowerPC Macs

SO SSD as it stands today 2013 are still pretty expensive. And if you have read my post on "MAX Price to pay for a PowerPC Mac" I SAIDD you should only pay up to 220$ for a PowerPC Mac, a 60gb (Lowest price model) SSD cost: 145$ WHICH is kinda a lot for some improvement. BUT if you got the money and you feel its the right thing to throw your money at heres your links ^_^

I would also search other sites like amazon for same models but for lower price.

MAX Price you should Pay for a PowerPC Mac


In short 220$
SO your thinking about buying a PowerPC Mac here in 2013 ( When this post was written) were now they are about 6 years old. An interesting decision.

What you need to know before buying:

  • Many Newer Versions of Programs won't work on PowerPC Mac's (Older Versions will) 
  • You will have to do some tinkering ( Optimizations )
  • Some things " Just won't work" with it being so old.
  • BUT it is still a quality product
Check Amazon, which is were you should be buying from, and compare the prices to something like a netbook. With the price 250$ in your mind, please if you going to spend that much go a little higher say even 250$ you could get a older Macbook, ANY intel Mac is better than a PowerPC one in basicly every way. BUT everything PowerPC is cheaper, keep in mind its cheaper for a reason. I paid 125$ for my Powerbook G4 1.6ghz 15' 1gb ram. Which was a great purchase on my part.

BUT know that PowerPC's are going to be alive (Able to use the internet) for probably about 10 more years.


Don't get any PPC with under 1Ghz Proccessor it will run like poop, or under 1GB ram. If you do buy them like this obviously lower the standard price and buy ram with it. Also becareful with selection, its better to go with refurbished than used, the people that list them used probably don't know the specs and you might get something you didn't order.

The G's in the proccessor the higher the better Max is G5 lowest is G3.

They are well worth the small price in many aspects but not in others. You should try one though ^_^

Watching Porn on PowerPC

Click Me!

Everbody Faps

SO on your PowerPC you probably feel the paint of the choppy - frame by frame video on your favorite porn site. HERE's some ways to get the best video performance.


- See full post for optimal setup -
With Webkit set up now go to your porn site and it may play in html5, it might play in quicktime, or you might be stuck with dreaded flash BUT not to fear because even running old flash when on Webkit it runs a lot smoother than any other web browser.
(If you hate webkit with a cold hard dying passion and would rather have spiky corn dogs shoved up your butt rather than using it, than I recommend Camino as a runner up) 


Mobile Site Version

To find the Mobile url for your favorite porn site, google it. Hard right?

What this does it takes you to a very basic form of the page, and in Pornhub's case it will load the video in QuickTime (Being a native app) Which makes the video run great! Make sure to full screen it though. The quality is not that bad either, not super duper HD but thats for the best on PPC



Torrent sites

 But if you do decide to download videos and don't want to get caught might want to use a file hider LIKE THIS:

OpenOffice 3 PowerPC


OpenOffice is a universal (Windows, Mac, Linux) Office application Suite that is FREE which is a great option for people using multiple computers with different operating systems for a familiar interface across the different applications. Also the icons sexy. 

PowerPC Mail Client Options

PowerPC Mail Client

On PowerPC you have a choice of Web Browsers ( My personal Favorite <Fastest>) with different people using different web browsers AND the browsers loading different things faster, some load mail clients fast, but some don't and some people use multiple mail accounts which mail clients are for. SO here are some options for mail clients on your PowerPC Mac. (In order for Best to Worst In my opinion)

It should be on your Mac but if not download links above, there's much to say besides its fast - being a native app there's not many errors with it. 

Thunderbird is the best option if your working on many different computers with many different operating systems because it is universal and will work on all of them WHICH is good.

Sister/Brother Program to TenFourFox which is basically Thunderbird optimized for PowerPC .

If you have a mail client that works good for you on your PowerPC then leave it in the comments ^_^

-Peace out girl scout

EVERY Mac Disassembly Guide


SO with this site being based around PowerPC Macs, and with them being very old, there's a high rate that you are going to take them apart at some point in some way. To clean the fans, install Hard Drive, ram. Anything to make it adjust to modern life better. SO Saving many peoples time with google searches heres the site for them all. iFixit is the best site I have found with the most guides for macs. IT HELPED ME HOPE IT HELPS YOU 

Quick Links

Mouse FIX for Mac Gaming


IF you have ever played a game on a Mac you know somethings wacky with the mouse sensitivity it is because the mouse is default-ly set to get faster when in continuing movement. WHICH messes things up when play games with a mouse. SO to fix this you need to download Mouse Acceleration - A program that can set sensitivity ( Download links below) this will then make it like your gaming on a PC ,  were the mouse is fully linear. Which is how it should be. 

Make it Linear 
Don't forget to Donate!

Best PowerPC Web Browser v2 (Make your PPC Mac useable again!)


 >> [ ALL Programs for Viewing the Web Comfortably on PowerPC Mac ] <<

SO I thought Camino was "The Best" Browser for PowerPC Macs not to long ago. Because it was the fastest I had used until then, in the post I said something like "Make sure you try every browser before settling with one" taking my own advice, I did and next on my list was Webkit, at first glance it looks like safari which is known for its speed, but not the default version for PowerPC Macs, at least in my experience. 

     SO I thought it would be pretty shitty. BUT to my suprise after being fed up with camino for the day, I decided to try Webkit. And basically, it blew me away. It's Fast. It reminds me of old Internet Explorer, when it was good. It might take slightly longer to load a page the first time it loads it, BUT the more you go to a page the faster it loads. 
ALSO when I installed I clicked the script to install advanced features, so if you have bad initial performance I would suggest that.

Download ClickToFlash Extension
ClickToFlash is a MUST for WebKit. See Below

Blocks ads (not as much as adblocker) but ad blocker really bogs down performance.

Enable Html5 on Youtube

NOW Restart WebKit

Once opened back up, check out youtube it should look like this:

And the playback should be pretttty kick ass. It usually lags for the first 3 seconds, after that its fine. You also don't have to sit through an ad before watching a video. AND as you can see you have the option to switch from 360p to 720p and 1080p, you can also go back to flash player if that runs better for you, and if your on a really old fart you can click to play in quick time player. If the HTML5 Player doesn't play audio, just restart Webkit.

Watching Youtube videos in this format may take away ad-revenue from the content creator so keep that in mind. 

BUT if your on that old of a mac I would suggest Youview or Mactubes as your Youtube viewer.

THAT is pretty much it, I love WebKit so far ^_^ hope this helps you fellow PowerPC users, please share this with others to get the word out. This browser really makes my Mac worth it again. Also the icon's sexy.

WITH all this being said, remember "Make sure you try every browser before settling with one" I'm running off a Powerbook G4. Which maybe this browser was coded better for. Don't be lazy.

-Peace out Girl scout

Powerbook Backlit Keyboard FIX

Chances are your keyboard backlight isn't even broke ^_^

FIRST:   Identify
Make sure you have a Powerbook with a backlit keyboard, other wise why are you here.

Make sure it won't come on, if your pressing the button to turn it on (F10) and nothings happening, you are probably in a well lit room, in which case it won't come on. Even when you cover the light sensors. SO take it into a completely dark room, no natural light, then try it. 

IF it stillllll doesn't work, turning it off, unplug the battery and power adapter then hold down the power button for 10 seconds, then reboot, when booted back up, it should say your clock and what ever has been reset, change the clock and date back to normal, then reboot again ( if you don't reboot some internet apps might be messed up until you do) THEN see if it works, if it still doesn't try these link:

also google is your friend.

iTunes Troubles on PowerPC

If you are having trouble with getting iTunes to work on your PowerPC Mac its most likely saying something like "You need to update to QuickTime 10.(something) . BUT when you go to software update its no were to be found. And apples website is a maze and you have to usually sign up which is silly SO, were do you get QuickTime 10.(something?) 

Once installed the version your iTunes is asking for it might work, or it might ask for a newer version, which you just download until it stops asking. YUP k thx bai

-Peace out girl scout.

Skype for PowerPC Mac


[ Web Skype ]
Run in TenFourFoxBox for best result

Universal Webcam program for Mac


Maccam will take any webcam you plug in, and make it work. Any webcam, try it. From the oldest to the newest. At first I thought it was just going to be another stupid webcam app, that shovels in a million retarded effects , then you have to download drivers and go through a maze of files to install them the right way THEN hope that my webcam comes up properly and in good quality.

BUT MacCam takes all that kicks it in the balls makes basicly every webcam plug and play. Props to the coders. 

-Peace out girl scout

Also if you use this to masturbate on Omegle /other weird video site. KILL YOURSELF

Minecraft on PowerPC Mac

See what I did there

Load it up, see how it runs. I would only recommend trying to play Minecraft on High end G4's and G5. Also here's some helpful links. Also also have at least 1GB of ram. ALSO ALSO ALSO kick the settings down.

You might see some better performance as well if you host a Minecraft server on another computer than connect to it, since Minecraft single player is actually just a sever hosted on the computer you are playing on. 

How to take apart Powerbook G4 Battery

I didn't make this guide, but I did find it useful, once upon a time, I had a Powerbook G4 that I bought used and it came with a dead battery.

Xslimmer - Cut down size on Mac Applications


What Xslimmer does is takes all the applications you have installed on your Intel or PowerPC Mac which takes universal apps and either takes out the Intel part if your on PowerPC or the PowerPC part if your on Intel. SO it can't break anything. And it saves up some space on your mac.

Half Life Mac


In short Half Life 1 was basicly fully made for Mac, fully funned by Valve, but was canceled at the last second because of lack of sales numbers. The developers was told not release the files. See the video below for more info. And if you know the locations of the files please PLEASE leave them in the comments.

Youtube Options for PowerPC Macs


You know the struggle, here's some solutions:

So now that Youview and MacTubes no longer work, and Video bit rate / quality always rising,it is a lot harder to run Youtube on a PPC Mac.

Here are the only 2 solutions I know at the time - 8/3/2016

If you are running on a iBook / Powerbook make sure you are plugged in and on "High Performance in Power saving options, to see the best results

[ TenFourFox ]

This is the most convenient option since you can simply load the video in your browser, but you have to let it buffer for a good while, and it can be bogged down by the actual browser, and if you are running on anything below G4 and 1GB of Ram it gets really resource intensive.

[ TenFourFoxBox ]

This is the best option for me, it loads youtube isolated from all other things involved with a normal web browser that eats away at your available resources, and focuses all the processing power on just Youtube.

Youtube on Webkit

On Webkit w/ ClicktoFlash you have the options of either loading Youtube in HTML5, Flash, or in Quicktime Player, all options suck big ones in my experience, you should try for yourself to see how it works on your machine, but for me they are just a frame every couple of seconds.

Quake 3 on PowerPc Mac


CD-Key: B2WAALC2HP7DH72L (From Macintosh Garden)

Personally I think every computer old new should have Quake 3, and Counter Strike 1.6 installed. It took me long enough to find this so it make glad to share this with anyone else looking for it.

Tips for if it runs bad:

  • You could try downloading Mods Ex ioquake ( google is your friend)
  • Close all applications before running. Ram is very important.
  • Lower settings:  I would recommend high resolution and low graphics vs High graphics on lower resolution
  • Many more tips if you still have problems HERE
  • Disable Vsync

Helpful commands
To open console to type commands press ` (left of the 1 key)

/cg_drawfps 0 = Off 1 = *On ex: cg_drawfps 1

/cg_fov *Changes Field of View Ex Cg_fov 130

/set com_maxfps 0 *Takes cap off FPS

If you don't know what Quake 3 is , it is a very competitive FPS ( First Person Shooter) which instead of instantly dying when shot, the player has to get Weapons, and items around the map to help improve their chances of winning. Heres some screenshots :D

Tiger vs Leopard


     Tiger                                 Leopard 


Anything Older - Panther
G3 - Tiger
G4/G5 - Leopard


400Mhz - 600Mhz Panther
 700Mhz - 1.0Ghz Tiger
 1.2Ghz  - Any.Ghz Leopard

Tiger Advantages:
  1. Faster
  2. Matches G3 and First Gen G4 Macs
  3. Is compatible with a lot of Applications.

Leopard Advantages:
  1.  Most Compatiable with EVERYTHING (nufffff said)
  2. Matches G4 - G5 Macs

It's all about preferance, I would try both, I would suggest Tiger for a normal user since it is somewhat faster, and Leopard for a Power user since it supports more applications. Simple as that.

NOTE that Tiger will always be faster, so if you can get the applications you need on Tiger, I would recommend using it over Leopard.

-Peace out girl scout

Were to Begin

There are so many things to cover, so I doubt I will post things in specific order, but once I have a good amount posted, I'mmaaaaaaa organize the shit out of it. k thx bai

-Peace out girl scout

Optimal Site Resolution

As I talked in the last post about optimizing the site, heres a list I gathered of all (most) Powerpc Mac resolutions :
Also, I would like to thank for supplying info in such an easy way ^_^ saving me some time. I also knew that the most likely resolution was going to be 800x600 which is the default turd that has been thrown in the face of every Developer since the year 2000.

Max Resolutions:
average vram(video memory) - 16-32mb


mac performa lol - BAD 640x480
Powermac old - 832x624
Powermac g3 1024x768
Powermac g4 1600x1200 max 1920x1200
Powermac G5 aww yeh , 1920x1200 DD(dual display), 2560x1600 DD

iMac G3 800x600
eMac & FG iMac G4 lamp ~ 1024x769
iMac G5 - 1440x900

Mac mini - 1920x1200 probably w/studio display around 1200x900
G4 cube - 1920x1200 Same ^^


ibook CS G3 ~ 800x600
iBook sn - 1024x768
Powerbook duo 800x600
Powerbook G3 - 1024x768
Powerbook G4 - 1152x768

Knowing that there will be some viewers from the older macs , probably mostly clamshell ibook I want to make the site workable from 800x600. In a perfect world I could be about to code to identify if the user is using say an ibook or say is using a resolution of 800x600 then it adjust the site to so, but I'll have to brush up on some coding knowledge before that happens , but for now, i'm going to make the main part of the site ( the post ) viewable from a 800x600 res, then have it so the person has to scroll horizontally to see the ads, making it not so bad. ^_^ this isn't a permaninte fix , but it will work for now. Next step is the template. OH BOY

-Peace out girl scout.

Optomizing the site

This is a first and demanding thing to happen for this site, being powerpc based, it better work well on a powerpc mac obviously :P So what I'm doing: also a check list for similar sites
Finding Optimal Resolution, optimal font, optimize template code, optimze comment and sidebar shiiiieeet OPTIMIZE IT ALL k thx bai

-Peace out girl scout




This blog is for the New or Old PowerPc Mac user, to kill time off your searches for what ever it is you are looking for, with PowerPc becoming older and older, as you read this, as are the search results and interest.

- Why -

I personally got my first powerpc mac - Powerbook G4 1.6ghz 1gb ram(a top of the line powerbook luckily ^_^) around Febuary 2013 , as a secondary computer. I knew what I was getting into, and was very interested in the PowerPc and since it is a part of computer history I thought it essential to experience.

With this blog I will do my best to supply you with information in the quickest and easiest to understand way possible ( also optimizing this blog for PowerPc should be fun ). It is hard to find working software for the powerpc macs now. I figure why not share what worked for me , to save other peoples time.

I do not support piracy, but I might post links to some websites were that is available. (Since it somewhat imposable to even legally find old software.

I will also be making a Chip-in so look for that in the side-bar I think time is money. Donate if you want. ^_^

That's all for this post

-Peace out Girl scout.