Fix Mac Internet not working [ Time Fix ]

Sometimes when you do something such as Rest a Mac's PMU ( Or press the power button while it is off and no battery is plugged in) When you turn your mac back on it might not be able to load any website, even if you are connected wirelessly or via ethernet. It might just never load, or it might give you a message saying that every site you visit is dangerous. This is most likely because your Mac's Time is messed up. HERES HOW TO FIX IT :^)

Even though it says the right time you might still have to change it. 

As you can see obviously your not living in 1969 but your Mac might be, this for some reason cause the mac to not be able to think right when it comes to using the internet. So go ahead and change that to the right date and time. 

When it's all fixed make sure to click save. Then try loading a webpage, if it still doesn't load restart your Mac then it will ^_^. 

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