Best G3 PowerPC Web Browser


For G4 & G5 mac's I recommended for you to run Webkit since it is the fastest web browser I found, but since it doesn't work with G3 Macs I had to do some searching for a web browser that still could be speedy. And I came up with Camino. I really recommend if your on a G3 Mac that you try to install webkit and see if it works, if it does you should probably use it instead of camino / the plug-ins. 

Camino is speedy and in my experience runs flash fine. But you can disable Flash, Java and Ads from within the browsers preferences.


  1. Late late late comment....

    Camino is EOL. Not that it is totally useless, its just EOL. Tenfourfox still supports G3's, and is at source parity with Firefox 29. Tenfourkit brings a more modern webkit to Safari 4.1.3.

    That is all

    1. It's been a while since tried Tenfourfox, I know it is good and allows many things to work, but in my experience, especially on lower end machines Camino is undoubtably faster

    2. Also even with Camino being EOL some might say it's not the safest, but fact is if your running any web browser on a PowerPC Mac it's not secure what so ever.