TeamViewer for PowerPC Mac


TeamViewer is a cross-platform screen sharing application. 

Spotify PowerPC Mac Download


Spotify is a widely accepted FREE music streaming application. 

Google Maps PowerPC Mac Replacement - eMaps


eMaps is a much faster map service for PowerPC Macs. It is basically Google Maps coded for PowerPC so it runs much smoother and takes a lot less time to load. Which is a much more enjoyable experience than using normal Google Maps on a PPC Mac. It's also only about 500kb.

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How to watch Facebook Video's on PowerPC Macs


This is a specific flash player to video Facebook Videos. If you are still using a flash blocker than you might run into some trouble.
also see >> [ ALL Programs for Viewing the Web Comfortably on PowerPC Mac ] << 

Cracking / Recovering Wifi Password on Mac + Wordlist


You should only crack a wifi password for education purposes and only wifi networks which you have permission from the owner to do so. 

Method 1 - Keychain Recovery

If you have already had a network password typed into your Mac and but the person did not tell you what it was you can recover the password. 

Go to Application > Utilities > Keychain

At the top look for the name of your network.

Double click the network and click "Show Password"

Enter Admin password if needed (Your Mac's password not the wifi's)

ANDDDDD You've done it! The password should be shown!

Method 2 - KisMac

KisMac scans data from all surrounding wifi networks and obtains packets from them. Once enough packets are obtained than you can simply get the wifi password. 

Video tutorial is less vague 

Wpa / Wep 

Start KisMac > Preferences > Driver > Add Airport Extreme Active & Passive Modes 

Start Scan

Once you have collected a little over half a million packets try to crack via provided tools in Channel & Network.

Method 3 - BackTrack 
( Does not work on PPC Macs )

Install [ Hardware ] ( Windows and Mac)

Cracking Tutorial Videos: 

Feel free to post any methods not in the post in the comments.

Wordlist Links:

Best Wifi Card for Cracking , Allows you to re-inject packets which you can't do with airport :

Libre Office PPC Mac


Libre Office is similar to Open Office, Microsoft Office, and Apple works. BUT Libre Office is free, as is open office. But Libre office is more user friendly than Open Office and provides a very familiar experience to common office applications. 

David - iBook Guy

Youtube [ Here ]
Website [ Here ]

This is David, other wise know as the iBook guy. I first found out about David when I got my Powerbook G4 and need to know how to optimize it, and software to get for it since it was so old. Luckily David already had many helpful videos posted on his Youtube channel to help me along the way and inform me about how it all works while doing it. I owe a lot of credit to him, and encourage everyone to check out his youtube and personal website.

Also here's one of his videos that I think everyone should see:

Getting the Most out of your iBook

Anti-Virus on PowerPC Mac?



Every computer needs to be safe right? But your in a special position you have a PPC Mac, which is pretty old. Not to say it can't get viruses buttttttttttttttttt

Most viruses are caught from web surfing now. And more than 50% is coded for Windows, and a good percent is in Flash and Java. 2 things that your PowerPC Mac already has blocked / can't run.

Your PPC Mac needs all the power it can get, and Anti-Virus programs do take away from some of the power. If I were you I wouldn't install an anti-virus on my PPC Mac. Especially one with 1gb of Ram. 

There's not a huge market for infected PPC Macs so I wouldn't worry, unless your doing some bad stuff in which case you should get caught :p

Runescape switching to HTML5


SO as I said in a previous post : HERE : HTML5 Is going to breathe new life into PowerPC it is going to be the death of Java and Flash, which are the 2 biggest oppressors of the PowerPC.

^^^ As you can see in the picture above ^^^ (Click to enlarge) one of the most popular browser based MMO's Runescape is switching from Java to Html5. For Runescape this improves EVERYTHING the graphics are better, it runs better on EVERYTHING, it's safer. Good things all over the place.

Not to say your PowerPC Mac will be able to rock new Html5 Runescape in 1080p on maxed out settings, but it will most likely be able to run it, which has previously not been possible / not worth doing.