Windows on PowerPC Mac

Most people will say you can't run Windows on a PowerPC Mac. And they are right, you can't have a working install of windows on one. But you can run them in a virtual machine. Not through Virtual Box either! BUT I wouldn't recommend using this on a G3 or lower G4 and to have at least 1GB of Ram.

In the Virtual Windows programs won't run perfectly fast, you can try running Games on it and see if the performance is something you can handle. SO here's some options, from best to worst (in my opinion)

Is basically Virtual Box, but works on your PowerPC Mac


This is more of a VMWare Fusion alternative for PPC which doesn't force you to use Windows in a Window but with your current Mac OS

You should give them both a try if you really REALLY need to run Windows programs on your PowerPC Mac. You will also need a Windows Disc / Iso for them to work. I would suggest not going above Windows XP. 


  1. Can i play ragnarok with this on my g4?

    1. doubt it, whine and emulating windows via virtual machine uses a lot of resources, but you can give it a try

  2. Any chance this one is reuploaded somewhere? many thx!

  3. It's worth noting that the Q app doesn't work on g5 systems.
    Also you can still find the old VPC at Macintosh Garden.