Optimal Site Resolution

As I talked in the last post about optimizing the site, heres a list I gathered of all (most) Powerpc Mac resolutions :
Also, I would like to thank www.everymac.com for supplying info in such an easy way ^_^ saving me some time. I also knew that the most likely resolution was going to be 800x600 which is the default turd that has been thrown in the face of every Developer since the year 2000.

Max Resolutions:
average vram(video memory) - 16-32mb


mac performa lol - BAD 640x480
Powermac old - 832x624
Powermac g3 1024x768
Powermac g4 1600x1200 max 1920x1200
Powermac G5 aww yeh , 1920x1200 DD(dual display), 2560x1600 DD

iMac G3 800x600
eMac & FG iMac G4 lamp ~ 1024x769
iMac G5 - 1440x900

Mac mini - 1920x1200 probably w/studio display around 1200x900
G4 cube - 1920x1200 Same ^^


ibook CS G3 ~ 800x600
iBook sn - 1024x768
Powerbook duo 800x600
Powerbook G3 - 1024x768
Powerbook G4 - 1152x768

Knowing that there will be some viewers from the older macs , probably mostly clamshell ibook I want to make the site workable from 800x600. In a perfect world I could be about to code to identify if the user is using say an ibook or say is using a resolution of 800x600 then it adjust the site to so, but I'll have to brush up on some coding knowledge before that happens , but for now, i'm going to make the main part of the site ( the post ) viewable from a 800x600 res, then have it so the person has to scroll horizontally to see the ads, making it not so bad. ^_^ this isn't a permaninte fix , but it will work for now. Next step is the template. OH BOY

-Peace out girl scout.

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