Why Apple Switched from PowerPC to Intel


SO Back in the day PowerPC was pretty kick ass. And Processors were all over the place, so for Apple to put 1 type of processor in all their macs made them have sense of organization. So as time passed Processors got faster and faster, but then they hit the wall. They eventually could only get so fast using 1 "Core" of the Processor Apple did what it could know they need change with the release of the G5 which had the capability to be dual core, but was only on the PowerMac G5 Desktop. 

The PowerPC worked on a different architecture than other big processors ( AMD & Intel) which means people had to code programs differently than they would for PC's which wasted a lot of time, and made it so many programs wouldn't work on the Mac. Software is the soul of a computer and with no compatible content Apple would have failed if they would to stay with PowerPC. 

SO Apple always takes the most reliable option which was, and still is Intel. Intel Processor was well developed and only improved the Macs performance. With Mac's now on Intel it was easier for developers to make software for the Mac. Allowing for more compatibility. Which opens up many doors for people buying Apple products?

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