PowerPC Mail Client Options

PowerPC Mail Client

On PowerPC you have a choice of Web Browsers ( My personal Favorite <Fastest>) with different people using different web browsers AND the browsers loading different things faster, some load mail clients fast, but some don't and some people use multiple mail accounts which mail clients are for. SO here are some options for mail clients on your PowerPC Mac. (In order for Best to Worst In my opinion)

It should be on your Mac but if not download links above, there's much to say besides its fast - being a native app there's not many errors with it. 

Thunderbird is the best option if your working on many different computers with many different operating systems because it is universal and will work on all of them WHICH is good.

Sister/Brother Program to TenFourFox which is basically Thunderbird optimized for PowerPC .

If you have a mail client that works good for you on your PowerPC then leave it in the comments ^_^

-Peace out girl scout

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  1. While Native mail has an Exchange Server option, it did not get Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 support till OS 10.6 (Intel) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mail_(application)

    I found this out the hard way when IMAP worked but was an order of magnitude slower than going through the exchange server directly. I tried all sorts of PPC options, Thunderbird/Tenfourbird, PostBoxExpress till I finally figured out that Entourage was the solution for a PPC Mac, but not the Entourage that comes with Microsoft Office 2008, rather the Web Services Edition (that goes with, but does no come with Office 2008); but even this was hard to find as each installation is matched to a revision of Office 2008

    matches Office 2008 12.3.6 (the latest revision)

    Of course this is only an option for someone with Office 2008, and will result in Entourage version 13.1.6