Anti-Virus on PowerPC Mac?



Every computer needs to be safe right? But your in a special position you have a PPC Mac, which is pretty old. Not to say it can't get viruses buttttttttttttttttt

Most viruses are caught from web surfing now. And more than 50% is coded for Windows, and a good percent is in Flash and Java. 2 things that your PowerPC Mac already has blocked / can't run.

Your PPC Mac needs all the power it can get, and Anti-Virus programs do take away from some of the power. If I were you I wouldn't install an anti-virus on my PPC Mac. Especially one with 1gb of Ram. 

There's not a huge market for infected PPC Macs so I wouldn't worry, unless your doing some bad stuff in which case you should get caught :p


  1. Free anti-virus for PPC
    You can install the free Sophos anti-virus for PPC (a little google search will get you to the site), light on the ressources and regularly updated.
    I installed it on a few systems and it works flawlessly.
    I must admit that my systems have at least 1,5Gig of RAM

    1. Yeah but no matter what it is taking a little away from performance, and is protecting you from what?