Runescape switching to HTML5


SO as I said in a previous post : HERE : HTML5 Is going to breathe new life into PowerPC it is going to be the death of Java and Flash, which are the 2 biggest oppressors of the PowerPC.

^^^ As you can see in the picture above ^^^ (Click to enlarge) one of the most popular browser based MMO's Runescape is switching from Java to Html5. For Runescape this improves EVERYTHING the graphics are better, it runs better on EVERYTHING, it's safer. Good things all over the place.

Not to say your PowerPC Mac will be able to rock new Html5 Runescape in 1080p on maxed out settings, but it will most likely be able to run it, which has previously not been possible / not worth doing.



  1. Java is still useful outside your browser:
    for instance
    Giftedmotion is interesting to make GIF-slideshows
    PDF Scissors is ideal to crop multiple pages pdf (you can download the JAR-version and install it in your app-folder)

    1. I never said java didn't have very helpful apps, I just stated that it uses more resources than it really should in almost every situation