What can PowerPC NOT Do?


Most people thinking about buying PowerPC Macs know that they are not going to be perfect at everything. But they usually don't know exactly what there not great at. SO having used a PPC Mac for a while now heres some things that they suck at, that if you need in a computer I would reccommend trying to find another option.


There are work arounds somethings like Youtube, but for the most part PowerPC Sucks at doing anything related to Flash, unless your on a Quad G5 your gonna have a bad time.


The little java things it does fine, but for something big, like say runescape or minecraft , your gonna have a bad time.


By this I mean availablity and varity of games. Most Macs play the games that work on them Amazingly. Its just that your not going to find many for them.

New Applications

Newer Apps probably won't work. That thing that your really need? Doubt it. BUT there are useually older versions of the app you need that do work with PPC though you might lose some features. If you really really REALLY need "Insert App Name Here" Make sure it is compatiable with PowerPC


  1. I work everyday with my 11-year old powermac in the office. It's a MDD 867 DP 1,5GB RAM. It almost does everything for me, including Office, and even - through VPN - running the administrative system in Windows 7 Server!
    I use Google to get my powermac at home synchronized with my Powermac at the office (using Syncmate) and my colleagues (using Windows 7) are wondering how come my old machine is often faster than their new pc. They often have problems with viruses and other strange things happening in Windows, I have no such things...

    1. I'm in the process of making a " What PPC Macs CAN Do, and applications is a big one.

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    Any progress on "What PPC Macs CAN Do and Applications" ?